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Family rivalries and friendshipThe British Family Tennis Championships is an established tournament sanctioned by The Lawn Tennis Association and supported by the Tennis Industry Association UK, involving Father & Son and Mother & Daughter pairs.

Organised and owned by Henry Wancke, the Family Championships ran successfully for ten years from 1985 and, at its height, the Championships attracted over 3,000 participants from around the country competing for honours via a Nation-wide Postal Programme and Regional Events culminating in a National Finals.

The event fell into decline due to lack of sponsorship support and despite valiant attempts to run the championships on a minimal budget, met its demise in 1994.

in 2007, Henry revived the idea on a minimal budget in order to keep the concept alive and nowadays the Championships is played using modern communications with matches advised by email and results posted via the event website.

The caliber of tennis displayed in the Family Championships has always been remarkable for while the event plays an important role in developing the grass roots of the game at a local level, it also provides opportunity for retired name players to compete.

It is a unique experience for all participants.

In its previous existence the National Finals saw the likes of Mark Cox playing with his son Stephen, Gerald Battrick with son Jamie, David Lloyd and son Scott taking part, while former Davis Cup player Mark Petchey won back-to-back titles with his father Rod in 1986 and 1987.

There is no doubt that an early introduction into any sport is usually through watching a parent play and the Family Championships is the only participant event where both a parent and child can compete as a unit.

High Five!It is a rare opportunity to build and cement lasting relationships both on and off the court as the pair spend quality time together in the pursuit of recreational excellence.

While the Family Championships provided some ten categories of play, the 2015 event reverts to its successful roots and comprises of just four open events for Father & Son, Mother & Daughter, Father & Daughter and Mother & Son pairings.

Depending on the number of entries received, there will be four regional competitions for these four disciplines with the successful quarter-finalists moving on to a national finals.

It is hoped to re-introduce a celebrity Parent/Child event in conjunction with the national finals, details of which will be announced at a later date.

If you and/or a parent or child in your family play tennis, why not enter the Family Championships this year to see how far you can go together?

It’s a great way to spend some quality time together in a mutually beneficial and healthy competitive pursuit, which not only helps to bridge the generation gap but keeps young people engaged in a healthy pursuit and is not too bad for the ‘oldies’ either!

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