Rules for The Family Championships 2015

The Rule Book1. The Championship will be competed for in accordance with the following regulations and with the Rules of Lawn Tennis and the Regulations and Code of Conduct of The Lawn Tennis Association.

2. The Tournament is open to all Fathers & Sons, Mothers & Daughters, Fathers & Daughters and Mothers and Sons in England, Scotland and Wales.

3. Step parents, step children, and parents with legally adopted children, are eligible to enter on the basis that their age gap is a natural one, i.e. not less than 20 years.

4. Ex-professional players are eligible on the basis that they have not appeared on the ATP or WTA computer ranking list for the five years prior to the entry deadline.

5. All entries will be accepted on these terms but should the rules be found to have been abused, the entrants will be disqualified immediately.

6. The Championship is supported by The Lawn Tennis Association and the Tennis Industry Association UK and subject to the normal rules of tennis and these competition rules.

7. Competition sponsors have no responsibility for matters relating to play, adjudication or interpretation of the rules in the competition.

8. Entries may be made online via the website at or by post and must be received by the organisers on or before April 1st 2015:

The Tournament Director
The Family Championships
Cedar Lodge
Howe Road
Oxon  OX49 5ER

9. The entry fee per pair for 2015 is £30, which is non-refundable in the event of withdrawal, regardless of cause.

10. The regional preliminary matches (up to and including quarter finals) will be played on a ‘postal’ (via email) knock-out basis and the final four pairs of each category will contest for the respective regional titles at a venue and date to be decided.

11. The winners and runner-ups of the regional finals will also win a place in the National Finals at a venue and date to be decided.

12. If any team qualifies for the National Finals but has to subsequently withdraw, a Lucky Loser will be invited to replace them.

13. A team will consist of a parent and child and the match will comprise of a parent/child doubles over the best of three tie break sets.

14. A player may only play as one team in any event - i.e. a parent may not play with two or more children in the same event and the same pairing must play throughout the competition.

15. The 7-point tie break will operate at 6 games all in all sets throughout the competition.

16. If any player should be absent 30 minutes after the scheduled time for the start of play that match shall be forfeit.

17. It is the home team's responsibility to provide balls for the postal matches. Mantis balls are recommended.

18. The dates by which all area round robin matches and each round of stage 2 must be played, shall be fixed by the Tournament Office.

Shake on it!19. The responsibility for arranging a match shall devolve on the home team, but the opposing team must take steps to ensure that the match be played within the time limit. The home team should give their opponents at least three possible dates.

20. Should the distances involved prove prohibitive for a visiting team, it is suggested that the home team select a neutral venue at the half-way stage in an attempt to ensure the match is played rather than accept a walkover.

21. Should play be interrupted by rain or bad weather, the result may be decided on the basis of sets or games won should the teams not be able to arrange another match within the time left for the match to be played.

22. Any matter relating to rules and regulations that cannot be decided by the opposing parents shall be referred to the Tournament Office (01491 612 042) who, in consultation with the Referee, will adjudicate. That decision is final.

23. Matches may be played on any surface, the home team having the choice.

24. The parent of the winning team will post the full result on the Championship website at within 48 hours of completion of the match.

25. A Trophy will be awarded to the winning pairs, and prizes as organised.

17 January 2015
Family Championships
Abbott Media Services, Cedar Lodge, Howe Road, Watlington, Oxon OX49 5ER